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FOSSX: OSX Setup for the FOSS Mind

I’ve recently had to convert from Linux to OSX as my primary workstation, work requirements and all. It could have been much worse, I could have been forced to work on M$ Windows. ;–) Though, OSX still takes some conversion to be amenable to the FOSS mind.

At the very least, I need one-command access to every open-source application in the world! Luckily, Homebrew does just that for OSX, well almost. Additionally, I need vim and zsh with all their awesome plugins. Of course, git is a given, and a few interpreters are also in order: PHP, Python, Node.js and Ruby. I need Ruby to update my octopress blog!

As an added bonus,

Home Router Hunt: Hardware

Project Goals

  • Build an epic wireless router/firewall. (preferring OSHW and requiring OSS)
  • It should be cheap enough to provide to family and friends.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect home router platform for a while. There was a time when I thought it would be best to have my HTPC, NAS, WAP, router and firewall needs all provided by the same machine. I’ve since concluded that putting all your eggs in one basket is often not the best choice.

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